Vertical storage tanks

Storage tank

Sized for the storage of your products, we are able to offer you tanks adapted to your needs and respecting the standards in force.
Materials : Steel and/or stainless steel
Volume: Up to 300 m3
Diameter: Up to 6m
Pressure: -1 / +40 barg
Agitated: To facilitate suspension, homogeneous mixing and heat exchange
Heat exchange by coil welded to the bottom and shell
Our tanks are manufactured in our workshops in Saints Geosmes (52). With a volume ranging from 1.5m3 to 300m3, each tank has a thickness ranging from 5mm to 35mm depending on the configurations and standards chosen.
Applications : Hydrocarbons, water, chemicals, bitumen…

Codes & Standards

    • CODAP

    • NF EN 13445

    • NF EN 14015

    • CODRES

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