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Industrial Solutions

Tailor-made creation of bitumen tanks and reservoirs

At ALCE-CDE, our approach to the custom creation of bitumen tanks and reservoirs is based on cutting-edge technical expertise and an unwavering commitment to precisely meeting our customers’ needs. Here are just some of the significant advantages we offer in the realization of bitumen tank projects:

Expertised design in engineering office

Our design team is highly skilled and experienced, employing the latest CAD/CAM technologies to conceptualize tailor-made solutions. Thanks to this expertise, we are able to overcome the complex challenges associated with bitumen storage and handling, creating tanks tailored to the specific requirements of each operation. Our teams can also handle the manufacture of agitators and integrated heating elements.

Compliance with industrial standards

We rigorously apply several standards for the design of bitumen tanks, such as NF E86-257 or CODRES, to ensure that our equipment meets the highest safety and quality standards in the industry.

Innovation in Industrial Insulation

ALCE-CDE recognizes the importance of industrial insulation in preserving the integrity of bitumen. We use premium insulating materials and advanced techniques to ensure optimum thermal insulation of our bitumen tanks, keeping the bitumen at a constant, ready-to-use temperature.

Economical vertical tanks

Our vertical tank designs maximize available space while ensuring efficient bitumen management. This vertical orientation, combined with a minimized footprint, is particularly beneficial for installations in areas where space is at a premium.

Specialized Equipment Integration

Each tank can be fitted with a customized agitator and a high-quality heating resistor, crucial for bitumen fluidity and workability. These components are selected and installed in perfect harmony with the specific requirements of the bitumen to be stored.

Quality and Reliability - Bitumen tank manufacturing in France

Quality of construction is at the heart of our promise. All ALCE-CDE bitumen tanks are designed in France, in our Langres workshops, to stand the test of time and the demands of harsh industrial environments, offering flawless reliability and consistent performance.

Customer support from A to Z

From the initial consultation phase through to final installation and after-sales support, we are committed to supporting our customers every step of the way. Our team of experts is available to answer any technical queries or requests for information.

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ALCE-CDE is your ideal partner for customized bitumen storage solutions, combining innovation, safety and efficiency. Rely on our expertise to bring your most ambitious projects to fruition.

Our FAQs

A bitumen tank is a container specially designed for storing bitumen, an essential raw material in construction and road surfacing. Industrial insulation is a crucial process in the creation of a bitumen tank, as it thermally insulates the reservoir. This insulation helps to maintain the correct temperature of the bitumen, promoting its preservation and ease of handling. Without proper insulation, bitumen can solidify or degrade, making it more difficult and less effective to use.

The vertical tank offers several advantages for bitumen storage in France. Firstly, its vertical design allows for a reduced footprint, which is beneficial for the limited spaces typical of French industrial zones. Secondly, the vertical configuration helps to ensure better thermal stratification of the contents, which may be necessary for certain bitumen applications. Finally, the vertical tank often facilitates the integration of equipment such as agitators or heating resistors, which are essential for keeping bitumen liquid and pumpable.

Standard NF E86-257 defines the construction and testing conditions for vertical cylindrical storage tanks. Compliance with NF E86-257 also ensures tank quality and reliability in the French industrial context. It is important that these tanks, when equipped with an agitator and a heating resistor, comply with this standard to guarantee safe operations. This means following precise manufacturing and assembly guidelines to avoid the risk of mechanical failure or accidents due to inappropriate temperature or excessive agitation of the bitumen tank.