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Expertise and Advantages of ALCE-CDE for the Creation of Tanks and Reservoirs in the Chemical Industry

At ALCE-CDE, we understand the crucial importance of safety, security and performance in the chemical industry. Our expertise extends from the custom design of vessels and tanks to their manufacture, through engineering and design to on-site commissioning. Discover the key benefits of our approach.

Tailor-made and innovative design

Our team of specialists uses the latest technologies to design storage solutions that precisely meet the specific needs of each customer. We integrate devices such as agitators, heaters/coolers and advanced control systems into our tanks to optimise the chemical process.

Compliance with safety standards

ALCE-CDE is committed to producing equipment that complies with the most stringent regulations. Our vessels comply with the CODAP and NF EN 13445 pressure vessel construction codes, and we specialise in creating double-walled vessels for maximum safety, while complying with the PED 2014/68/EU pressure equipment directive and ATEX standards for instrumentation.

Expertise in Environmental Regulations

We have a thorough understanding of the requirements of high and low SEVESO sites, as well as Installations Classées Protection de l’Environnement (ICPE). We design our chemical tanks in France. Our chemical storage tanks minimise the risk of pollution and protect the environment.

Durability and Resistance

Durability is at the heart of what we do. We select corrosion-resistant materials and offer OHGPI-approved coatings to ensure the exceptional longevity of our tanks, even in the most demanding environments.

Rigorous monitoring and traceability

At every stage of the project, we ensure meticulous monitoring and seamless traceability. Every component is inspected and documented to guarantee quality and performance. If necessary, tracking systems can be installed on the tanks to facilitate rapid intervention for any maintenance or emergency.

Natural Disaster Preparedness

Our tanks are built to withstand scenarios such as earthquakes, guaranteeing continuity of operations and the safety of stored chemical and petrochemical substances.

With ALCE-CDE, you benefit from a reliable partner that ensures not only the quality and compliance of your chemical tanks and vessels, but also a proactive approach to risk management, for safe and sustainable operation of your chemical industry.

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With ALCE-CDE, you benefit from a reliable partner who not only ensures the quality and compliance of your chemical tanks and vessels, but also a proactive approach to risk management, for safe and sustainable operation of your chemical industry.

Our FAQs

At ALCE-CDE, safety and security are paramount. Our tanks are designed to CODAP and NF EN 13445 standards, with options such as double skin/jacket for optimised earthquake resistance and increased corrosion resistance. We also offer integrated heater/cooler systems and OHGPI-approved linings for protection against environmentally hazardous products, while complying with ATEX directives for hazardous areas.

Our storage solutions are designed to meet the strict requirements of installations classified for environmental protection (ICPE) and high/low threshold SEVESO sites. We ensure that our tanks comply with DREAL standards, guaranteeing the prevention of chemical and pollution risks. Each project is accompanied by an in-depth risk analysis to anticipate and control any potentially dangerous consequences.

Our tanks are equipped with agitators and heater/cooler systems adapted to chemical processes. For hazardous products, we offer tanks with integral double walls for enhanced safety. All these installations comply with standards and are equipped with rigorous control and inspection systems to guarantee process safety.