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Industrial Solutions

ALCE-CDE's advantages and expertise in the creation of gas storage tanks and reservoirs

At ALCE-CDE, we specialize in the design and manufacture of gas storage solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Our expertise lies in our ability to offer high-quality products, from liquid nitrogen tanks to compressed air reservoirs, from underground tanks to integral double-walled vessels.

Custom design

Our design office, located in Langres, France, is the backbone of our creative process. Our experienced engineers design tanks and vessels that precisely meet our customers’ technical, regulatory and operational requirements. With ALCE-CDE, you benefit from a solution perfectly adapted to your gas storage needs.

Quality French manufacturing

We take pride in our heritage of French manufacturing, with a determination to offer our customers not only superior quality, but also meticulous attention to detail. Every gas tank manufactured by ALCE-CDE undergoes rigorous checks to ensure flawless performance and safety.

Cryogenic insulation expertise

Our liquid nitrogen tanks are designed to maintain the gas at extremely low temperatures, minimizing evaporation and guaranteeing long storage life. Our expertise in cryogenic insulation ensures optimum preservation of your resources.

Ecological Solutions

As a responsible company, we offer options such as integral double-walled tanks, increasing environmental protection and reducing the risk of contamination. Our storage solutions support ecological initiatives and contribute to a greener future.

Flexibilité Opérationnelle

Our range of gas tanks and compressed air reservoirs is designed to offer maximum flexibility, enabling us to effectively manage variations in gas demand. ALCE-CDE is committed to providing reliable systems that adapt to our customers’ dynamic industrial processes.

Installation and Service

We don’t just manufacture tanks, we also provide professional installation and maintenance services to keep your gas storage systems running smoothly.

Our other products

ALCE-CDE teams strive for excellence in creating gas storage solutions, from meticulous design to expert manufacture. Rely on our French know-how to secure your gas supply and optimize your industrial operations.

Our FAQs

The liquid nitrogen tank is specially designed to maintain nitrogen at cryogenic temperatures, making it the optimum choice for long-term storage. Benefits include minimal product loss due to evaporation, enhanced safety thanks to high-quality insulation, and maximum reliability even under extreme conditions.

A liquid nitrogen tank is designed to hold liquid nitrogen at very low temperatures, while a standard gas tank is generally used to store various types of gas at higher pressures. The design of a liquid nitrogen tank is therefore focused on insulation and resistance to extreme cold.

A gas tank is a storage solution that can be installed above ground or underground. Buried gas tanks are often preferred for reasons of aesthetics, space saving or regulatory compliance. It must meet strict standards in terms of protection against corrosion and pressure from the surrounding soil.

The integral, double-walled tank offers enhanced safety thanks to an additional barrier between the stored product and the outside environment. This design helps to prevent leaks and provides increased protection in the event of inner wall failure. It also facilitates leak detection between the two walls, enhancing operational safety.

A compressed-air reservoir is essential in gas storage systems, as it helps to manage fluctuations in gas demand. It acts as a buffer to regulate pressure and guarantee a continuous supply of gas. This type of reservoir is crucial for industrial processes where gas demand can vary significantly and rapidly.