1st French manufacturer of storage tanks

Quality, our priority

Our company is committed to an organisational, industrial and competitive approach with ever greater consideration of the requirements of our customers and those of interested parties. This must be done taking into account the context, external and internal issues as well as the strategic orientation of our organisation, while respecting the applicable legal and regulatory framework.
For this, we must concentrate all our efforts in the quality of our products, in the execution of our global services and in the deployment of our Quality Management System, the latter being a real driving force of ambitions for all the personnel in order to improve our internal functioning and serenely perpetuate our company.

Quality at CDE means :

  • A controlled production
  • Trained and qualified personnel
  • Procedures that are known, adapted and applied
  • Adapted means of control :
    • Penetrant testing (COFREND II)
    • Dimensional checks
    • Hydraulic / hydrostatic / pneumatic tests
    • Measurement of coating thicknesses (according to NFT-30124)
    • Compliance checks of coatings with a dielectric comb
    • Control of product conformity before departure

Our certifications

ISO 9001:2015

KVU / CCE certification for the supply of tanks in Switzerland

VLAREM II certification for tank delivery in Flanders