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ALCE-CDE: French Excellence in the Manufacture of Nuclear Reactor Tanks and Vessels

At ALCE-CDE, we combine in-depth technical expertise and innovation to offer industry-leading solutions in the manufacture of custom nuclear vessels and tanks. Our commitment to excellence extends from the design stage through to final fabrication, ensuring high-performance products and unrivalled customer satisfaction.

Custom design

Our design office uses advanced modeling technologies to design tanks that meet our customers’ exact technical and regulatory specifications, while incorporating the latest standards such as RCCM, CODAP, NF EN 13445, and NF EN 14015.

High-quality materials

We select the most resistant and appropriate steel materials for each of our projects, guaranteeing not only durability and resistance to extreme conditions, but also compliance with ESPN requirements.

Certified Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped to meet the most demanding requirements, with a certified process that ensures the quality and precision of the finished product.

Rigorous quality control

Each nuclear vessel undergoes stringent quality control, including non-destructive testing and inspection, to ensure that every component, including filters and balloons, complies with safety and performance standards.

Expertise in nuclear regulations

As a nuclear vessel manufacturer, our team has unrivalled expertise in international and local regulations, enabling us to offer our customers peace of mind that their installations will comply with all relevant standards.

Our engineers benefit from ongoing training in the latest standards and technologies, to stay at the cutting edge of innovation in our field.

Full technical support

From start to finish, we offer comprehensive technical support, helping you to navigate the complexities of nuclear vessel design and manufacture.

Our other products

At ALCE-CDE, we pride ourselves on combining a tradition of excellence with an innovative approach to deliver nuclear tank and vessel solutions that exceed expectations. When you choose ALCE-CDE, you're choosing a trusted partner, committed to the success of your most ambitious projects.

Our FAQs

The design of a custom-built nuclear vessel must comply with the strict criteria laid down by international and national standards such as RCCM (Règlement de Construction des Chaudières Électro-nucléaires), NF EN 13445 and ESPN (Équipements sous Pression Nucléaires). These standards ensure that materials, design, manufacture and testing are adapted to the demanding operating conditions of nuclear power plants. It is crucial that manufacturers have a thorough understanding of CODAP (Code de construction des appareils à pression non soumis à la flamme), as well as international standards such as NF EN 13445 for non-nuclear pressure vessels and NF EN 14015 for the storage of flammable liquids.

For DUS (Diesel Ultime Secours) / Diesel tanks required in the nuclear sector, our manufacturing process follows rigorous quality and safety standards. We use exhaustive quality control procedures at every stage of manufacturing, from material selection to final testing. In addition, all our vessels and components, such as filters and balloons, undergo a series of non-destructive tests and certified inspections in line with ESPN guidelines and other relevant regulations to ensure the integrity and performance of this equipment in nuclear environments.

The creation of effluent tanks in a nuclear context must take into account several essential factors to ensure safety and performance. First and foremost, the tank must be designed to resist corrosion and temperature, depending on the specificities of the effluent being treated. Construction codes such as CODAP, NF EN 13445 and NF EN 14015 are key references when designing to guarantee the mechanical strength and integrity of the vessel under various operating conditions. In addition, suitable filtration systems are essential to maintain effluent purity. Finally, all custom-made effluent tanks must be manufactured and tested in compliance with ESPN requirements to guarantee their operational safety within nuclear facilities.