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Storage solution for your private stations & logistics centres

To save time, control your expenses or secure your fuel supply, you have decided to invest in your own service station. In order to assist you in setting up this infrastructure, CDE offers you the storage solution for private station and logistics centre that corresponds to your demand. Whether you need a tank for hydrocarbons, a fire tank or a rainwater tank, we will study your private station creation, renovation or expansion project in great detail.

Supplying your private station & logistics centre

We know that companies, transport companies, certain communities or the military sometimes need to equip themselves with a service station for strategic, practical or economic reasons. That’s why we’ve designed the right private station storage solution for your business.

Made of coated black steel and/or stainless steel to resist wear and tear, our cylindrical tanks underground (and sometimes above ground when conditions require it) allow you to store your hydrocarbons in complete safety. Unleaded, E10, E85, diesel, gasoil, AD Blue… your hydrocarbon reserve is well protected in the heart of a CDE tank. Delivered and installed by us, each hydrocarbon tank has been designed and manufactured beforehand to the desired dimensions. With a single or double wall, horizontal or vertical, your storage tank complies with the standards in force for private station storage solutions.
Integrated tank within a fully equipped container, in a retention tank with platform or simply on cradles with platform for the aerial version or buried tank if your site allows it, our services will offer you a solution adapted to your needs.

Fire reserve for private station

As a demanding professional who is concerned about the safety of your installations and your staff, you wish to acquire and install a fire tank. This essential device allows you to protect your new or older buildings. Listening to your request and mastering the criteria and guidelines of the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, CDE offers you its quality private station storage solution.

Dedicated to safety, your fire tank must enable firefighters to deal with various hazards regardless of the size and scope of your site. Therefore, each single-walled fire tank created by CDE, is available in different sizes and with the features that suit its installation and use conditions. Overhead or underground, horizontal or vertical, with or without pressure, the fire tank is your best private station storage solution to conduct your business with peace of mind.

Easy storage of rainwater

Public actors, companies or road hauliers, you are concerned about the environment and wish to install a rainwater recovery tank to supply your site. Depending on your motivations (economic, ecological,…) and your need, the right storage solution for a private station is at hand, thanks to the range of reserves rainwater developed by CDE. Single-walled, with an internal lining adapted to the desired end use (supply of sanitary facilities, watering of green spaces, washing of vehicles, etc.), each model of rainwater reservoir can be horizontal or vertical, aerial or buried, depending on the configuration of your private station.

Indispensable: the hydrocarbon separator

If you wish to complete this storage solution, CDE has a range of hydrocarbon separators. Perfectly complementary with the global offer dedicated to professionals, these equipments are composed of sludge separators, sludge separators and grease separators.

These devices allow the treatment of water and effluents coming from the car park and the private station, by separating and storing suspended matter, as well as hydrocarbons. An ideal and completely safe storage solution.