1st French manufacturer of storage tanks

Design office

The development of boiler-made products, with high technicality in industrial sectors, requires adapted and performing design tools as well as important human skills. Our technical team, composed of qualified designers, will make you benefit from its expertise in the field of boiler making and will accompany you in all your projects (manufacture of horizontal and vertical tanks and pressure vessels).

Field of competence

  • Mastery of standards, building codes and legislation
  • Mastery of computer tools (CAD, calculation software, etc)
  • Drafting of general and detailed plans according to specifications
  • Drafting of calculation notes
  • Drafting of welding specifications
  • Drafting inspection and control plans
  • Drafting of procedures (coating, manufacturing, etc)
  • Supply management
  • Documentary follow-up, management of technical documentation and material certificates
  • Submission of a manufacturer’s file at the end of the project, in accordance with the legislation in force

Area of expertise

Horizontal storage tanks according to NF EN 12285-1 & 2 and NF E 86-410 :

  • Household fuel oil storage tanks
  • Hydrocarbon storage tanks (Diesel, E85, B100, AdBlue, …) according to NF EN 12285-1 & 2
  • Mobile stations (tank in container) according to NF EN12285-2
  • Aviation storage tanks according to NF EN 12285-1 & 2
  • Storm water tanks and fire tanks according to NF E 86-410
  • Forest fire fighting water tanks

Boilermaking to plan (specific studies):

  • Pressure equipment according to CODAP 2020 / NF EN 13445 / ASME VIII Division 1 / Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Vertical tanks according to CODRES 2015 / NF EN 14015
  • Calculation of specific operating conditions according to Eurocode (Verification of earthquake, wind and snow resistance)
  • Piping or piping elements according to NF EN 13480
  • Silos in accordance with NF P 22-630
  • Appareils chaudronnés divers (Malaxeurs, appareils à cuire sucrerie, séparateurs d’hydrocarbures, …)

Technical facilities

Design: SolidWorks / DraftSight 
Calculation: AutoPipe Vessel / SolidWorks Simulation
Planning: Microsoft Project
Methods: Logitrace / Actcut