1st French manufacturer of storage tanks

Storage solution for industrial facility & nuclear power plant

For your business, you need a high-performance, high-quality industrial installation and nuclear power plant storage solution. However, we know that you must comply with very specific standards and technical requirements, which lead you to favor tanks that meet your needs in every way. Thanks to our experience and our expertise in industrial storage solutions, we help you find the storage solution for industrial installation and nuclear power plant adapted to your activity, while supporting you at every stage of your project.

Your tailor-made storage tank

To store your chemicals, your gas, your hydrocarbons, your polluted and hydrocarbon water or your sea water, we design, according to your needs and technical specifications, the storage solution for industrial installation that suits you. In fact, we have been able to meet the needs of many companies and highly strategic sites, such as nuclear power stations (Flamanville, Cattenom, Cruas, etc.), thermal power stations (Porcheville), refineries (Feyzin), gas stations. interconnection or even GRT sites (Beynes, Pitgam, Cerville, Chazelles, Tersanne, etc.). Like you, these companies needed a professional industrial storage solutions manufacturer who listened to all of their demands. This is why we provide you with a team of dedicated technical advisers who follow your project step by step. In addition, for greater efficiency, your storage solution for industrial installations can be delivered by our logistics department and our fleet of dedicated vehicles.

Store your gas and chemicals

For the storage of your gas and chemical reserves, CDE manufactures your storage solution for industrial installation. Whether you need a tank for compressed air, hydrogen, tetrahydrothiophene (THT), xylene, or even bleach, we can produce a directive-compliant storage tank for you. European DESP 2014/68 / EU , as well as the standards that you will indicate to us in your specifications: ASME, CODAP, NF EN 13445, etc.

Your hydrocarbon tank

To supply your vehicles or those of your customers, we have created a range of hydrocarbon tanks to meet your needs in this area. Complying with standards NF EN 14015, CODRES, NF EN 13445 or even CODAP, each storage solution for industrial installation intended for hydrocarbons is perfectly secure, while meeting your technical requirements. Overhead or buried, single or double-walled and vertical or horizontal, these hydrocarbon tanks will be built in different sizes, for a volume of up to 2000 m3.

Install an industrial water tank

If your activity requires the storage of seawater, demineralized water, polluted water or seawater, we can manufacture your industrial water reserve. With the cradles, legs, skirts and consoles necessary to store this horizontal or vertical storage tank, you can easily set up your storage solution for an industrial installation or create a blowdown tank, a filter fountain, an atmospheric drain vessel, etc.