1st French manufacturer of storage tanks

Water supply

ALCE-CDE designs and builds underground or above ground storage tanks for water

Standards and Codes :
  • NFE 86410 (underground water supply)
  • EN12285-2 (overhead water supply)

In a world where water conservation is a priority, CDE offers a range of tanks adapted to its storage:

  • Rainwater harvesting tank – with internal lining
    with internal lining adapted to the final use of the water (washing, watering
    sanitary supply, …)
  •  Storm water or retention tank – with the possibility of
    with the possibility of connecting tanks to obtain large volumes
  • Fire defence – with underground or overhead tanks
    meeting the requirements of the fire brigade
  • Drinking water tank – with a coating having a certificate of
    certificate of suitability
  • Waste water storage tank before passing to a separator
  • Buffer tank for the recovery of waste water from fires

With volumes ranging from 1.5m3 to infinity thanks to the linked tanks, water will be optimised and used in an eco-responsible manner.

Our commercial and technical teams will be at your side to find solutions adapted to your needs and your sites.