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Custom steel solutions

Your customised boiler making

For your industrial activity, you need efficient and safe boilerwork: we manufacture your industrial boilerwork for you, in accordance with your every need. As a specialist in storage tanks, piping and industrial boilerwork, CDE has been developing its expertise in this field for 50 years, to serve all your projects.

Boilermaking by CDE

CDE’s historical activity, industrial boiler making is at the heart of our know-how with the production of storage tanks. We manufacture your customised steel solution according to your specifications and requirements, whether you need a steriliser, a carbonation boiler for your sugar factory, a chimney, a separator or a skid. Thanks to our experience, we develop solutions for every problem and every industry.

Your custom boiler making

Pressurised or non-pressurised, single or double walled, vertical or horizontal: just give us your specifications and we will manufacture your customised boiler solution. In fact, we can make your product in carbon steel or stainless steel. A significant advantage is that we can manufacture your boilerwork part in any thickness you require, from 5 to 35 mm. The same applies to the volume, which you define according to your activity and technical requirements.

Our extra services

To optimise your industrial boiler room, think of the indispensable industrial equipment and accessories, which will greatly facilitate its use. Indeed, your steel tank or solution can ideally rest on a cradle, feet or a skirt. In addition, we also offer to produce the various documents you may need to accompany your boilerwork part, from the welding booklet to the quality plan and the manufacturer’s file.


  • Single or double wall
  • With or without pressure
  • Overhead or underground
  • Vertical or horizontal

Codes & Standards

  • ASME
  • NF EN 13445